Youth for Climate Justice action 9-24: Students with pipelines at Clock Tower - photo by Lynda Marín
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Stop Funding Fossil Fuels 3/21/23 Day of Action

Sacred Activism for Climate Justice is an essential part of Novasutras’ work toward a future where all beings may abide in agaya and ubuntu. We encourage all to participate in the Stop Funding Fossil Fuels 3.21.23 Day of Action!

Youth for Climate Justice action 9-24: UCSC student with Close Your Account sign in front of Chase - photo by Ami Chen Mills Naim

One of the most important campaigns in the global climate justice efforts is to halt the financing of new fossil fuel projects. Divestment campaigns at major institutions are ongoing. In the last few years, actions highlighting the role of big banks in funding fossil fuel expansion have been growing, driven by a coalition of environmental groups called Stop the Money Pipeline.

These campaigns focus on the four biggest funders of fossil fuel projects: Chase, Citi, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Youth for Climate Justice action 9-24: Students with pipelines at Wells Fargo ready teller - photo by Ami Chen Mills Naim
Youth for Climate Justice action September 2021

Banking for Our Future:

On January 16th, 2023, Climate Justice Crew organizers Michelle and Roland were on KSQD radio show Exploring Santa Cruz with host Mathilde Rand. We talked about actions to get the big banks to stop funding fossil fuel projects.

Santa Cruz Climate Justice Crew demonstrating on Feb 25th, 2022. Signs include: "War is Bad for the Climate + All Life", "Heal the Climate, Protect the Waters, Restore the Forests, Novasutras", "We Are All in this Together", "Planet Over Profit", "Chase Bank, Stop Banking on Fossil Fuels", "Would this War Be Happening Without Fossil Fuel?" and "Without Fossil Fuels the War Machine Stops" Photo by Athena Ereno.
Santa Cruz Climate Justice Crew demonstrating on Feb 25th, 2022. Photo by Athena Ereno.

Pledge to Move Your Money

Th!rd Act initiated a Banking on our Future Pledge campaign, where people can pledge to move their money out of the banks most responsible for fossil fuel funding (or to refrain from opening accounts at those banks). 

Our allies at THIS! Is What We Did offer supportive learning groups to help you through the process of closing your accounts and moving your money.

Scroll down on their page for a toolkit with helpful guides and sample letters to send as you go through the process of moving your money.

Join the Day of Action

Th!rd Act has called for a national day of action in the United States on March 21st, as the culmination of their Banking on our Future Pledge campaign.

If there isn’t an action already planned near you, maybe you can host one. Th!rd Act offers ideas and support for local organizers in the US. Even just a couple of people with some good props, taking photos and video to share on social media, will help amplify the power of this day of action.

Climate activists outside Bank of America in downtown Santa Cruz.

Near California’s Central Coast? The Novasutras Santa Cruz chapter is helping to organize the 3.21.23 Santa Cruz Climate Justice Crew action. You can sign up right now to help us with preparation and planning. See you on March 21st!

#DefundLine3 demonstration 13 Aug 2021, Santa Cruz, California. Photo by Linda Marin.
Santa Cruz climate justice activists in a skit highlighting the role of big banks in funding fossil fuel projects, August 2021.
Santa Cruz Climate Justice Crew demonstration at Ocean St & Water St to #StopTheMoneyPipeline
Demonstration outside Chase Bank in Santa Cruz, in solidarity with indigenous land defenders, 2021.

So whether you’re pledging to move your money, telling your friends, joining an action at a bank branch near you, or helping to organize an action, this month leading up to 3.21.23 holds abundant opportunities to engage in sacred activism. What we do now to halt the expansion of fossil fuels is a critical action toward a world abiding in agaya and ubuntu.

Share your ideas in the comments below.

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