Sacramento rally to #EndFossilFuels, September 17th, 2023. Photo by Lisa Sowle
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We Will Rise: Ecospiritual news and actions this week

Novasutras’ ninth ecospiritual news livestream offered news about the rise in direct actions and opportunities to participate in sacred activism. Links below provide many different ways to respond to get engaged. One of our deepest actions may be to meditate together for peace and liberation of all beings. We will rise together in sacred activism, urging rapid response to quell the climate crisis and excessive violence, to reduce suffering, and to grow agaya and ubuntu for all.

Recording of the Ecospiritual News Episode Livestreamed on October 24th, 2023

Michelle suggested many actions you can take immediately (see links below). These range from getting informed, to signing petitions, to participating in nonviolent direct action. These actions may center on peace and liberation, on protecting sacred lands and waters, or on preventing the expansion of fossil fuel projects and all the harm they cause.

Activists at Defund Line 3 demonstration 13 Aug 2021, one of several such actions in Santa Cruz, California
Street theater urging banks to defund Line 3 in 2021.
Group meditation: cheerful calm diverse team relaxing in lotus pose
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

We again closed this session with a guided meditation. Meditation can promote spiritual growth, deepening our power and resilience. Such guided meditations and other wellness practices help us to be more effective in our actions for positive change.

Suggested Actions from this session:

Other Links for this session:

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