Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 2019

There will be a total lunar eclipse on January 20-21, 2019. Celestial events like this are an excellent opportunity for synchronous global meditations.
During the eclipse, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon will be directly in line, so the Moon is traveling through the Earth’s shadow. The red light that shines softly from the Moon is the Moon’s reflection of every sunset and sunrise happening in the world at that moment.
Please join in meditation for ubuntu and agaya – loving-kindness and wonder – during the lunar eclipse, particularly during the moment at January 21st 05:13 UTC (January 20th at 9:13 p.m. PST), when the alignment is most precise. The eclipse lasts a few hours, beginning around 03:30 Jan 21st UTC  (7:30pm Jan 20th PST).
[note: fixed error on dates]

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