Equinox Celebration March 19-20th 2021

We are approaching the start of a new season, because we are nearly at the Equinox. Novasutras will celebrate by holding an online guided meditation focusing on global well-being and loving-kindness. We hope you’ll join our Octal Celebration, and include our online gathering as part of your own celebration of this seasonal transition.

Equinoxes, the Equator, and Equatorial Rainforests

Bar-tailed trogon

The Equinox is defined astronomically as the moment when the Sun will be directly overhead at the Equator. So the times of the Equinoxes are the times when the sun shines most directly on Earth’s Three Green Hearts. Appropriately, Novasutras is choosing to celebrate these equatorial forests in our Equinox festivities. They are the most verdant natural expression of agaya and ubuntu .

Octal Meditation and Community Gathering

Earth’s Three Green Hearts: an Equinox Rainforest Celebration

Meditation on Insight Timer
Friday March 19th, 10:00am PDT/ 17:00 UTC
(45 min, Guide: Michelle)

Celebration via Zoom
Friday March 19th, 4:00pm PDT/ 23:00 UTC
(90 min, Guide & Facilitator: Michelle)

Guided meditation for equatorial rainforests, global well-being and loving-kindness (plus celebratory ritual and conversation on Zoom).

To celebrate this Equinox, Dr. Michelle Merrill will lead a guided meditation (plus celebratory ritual and conversation on Zoom). Our guided meditation will feature a message of global wellness, joy and loving-kindness for all beings, with a special emphasis on the world’s equatorial rainforests. We are invited to reconnect with the beauty and wonder of nature. How do we welcome more love and joy for all our relations? What shall we leave behind, as we move into the next turning of our dance around the Sun? What beautiful possibilities beckon us toward the future?

The precise moment of this Equinox is March 20th, 09:37 UTC / 2:37am Pacific, when the sun is directly overhead at the equator – we are celebrating it on Insight Timer about 16 hours early, and on Zoom about 10 hours early.

You can set a reminder on Insight Timer by following the above link ahead of time, or simply click the link at the start time to join the session.

The Zoom event will include some simple, fun shared rituals and opportunity for conversation before and after the guided meditation.

Any donation welcome. Can’t donate right now? Free registration available here.

About the Equinox

The exact time the sun will cross the equator on its northbound journey is Saturday, March 20th, at 09:37 UTC (that’s 2:37am Pacific – check your local time and date). Our online celebration is 10 hours before the moment of the Equinox.

from https://www.timeanddate.com/
UTC time = Saturday, March 20, 2021 at 09:37
sun is directly overhead at Latitude: 0° 00′ South, Longitude: 37° 52′ East

Because the sun is angled directly over the equator, the daylight and darkness are about equal length everywhere in the world on the Equinoxes (actually, a little sunnier than equal, since the sun is so large in our sky). Everywhere on Earth, the sun rises due East, and sets due West on these dates.

Earth at the start of the 4 astronomical seasons. By Tau?olunga [CC0]

Equinoxes also mark seasonal transitions. Many animals are migrating at this time, following the sun and warmer temperatures.

For celebrations of the Equinoxes, important themes are:

In the Northern Hemisphere, March is the vernal equinox, when Emergence and Pollination are also key themes to incorporate in your celebrations. For the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere, Abundance and Protection are key themes.

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