The climate emergency is real. In Novasutras, we emphasize careful consideration of the best available science, with a focus on effective solutions. Most of the best climate solutions have other benefits for enhancing agaya and ubuntu in the world. We also seek to offer practices that help climate activists show up as their best, most effective selves in these times of crisis.

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Climate activism at the No to APEC Rally and March. Large signs say "APEC: Abuse of People and the Earth for Corporate profit." San Francisco 2023-11-12. Photo by Leon Kunstenaar
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Climate Activism Making News: Ecospiritual news this week

Our 11th ecospiritual news livestream focused on climate activism and the No2APEC coalition. Suggested actions to take are in the links. We emphasize care for activists, and offer a guided meditation focused on nature reconnection as a key supportive practice for environmental, peace and social justice activists.

photo of wildfire on mountain
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Our Home is On Fire: Ecospiritual news this week

This ecospiritual action news livestream highlighted urgent calls to action around the climate and extinction crises. These calls came from faith leaders and scientists in recent weeks. We suggest some actions in defense of a thriving biosphere.

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