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The Dignity of Plants

Science continues to reveal the complex intelligence of the Plant Kindom*. This brief video introduces some of the key ideas:

You may also enjoy reading Peter Wohlleben’s wonderful book The Hidden Life of Trees.

Florianne Koechlin reviews some of the work discussed in her book Plant Whispers: A journey through new realms of science in a recent TEDx talk:

Permaculture and respect for the Rights of Nature are two pathways to improving respectful relationships between our species and the Plant Kindom* upon which we utterly depend for the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe.

How else can we integrate our respect for the dignity of the Plant Kindom* into the way we live and shape our societies?

*We deliberately remove the ‘g’ from the traditional taxonomic ‘Kingdom’ because we do not agree with the hierarchical implications of the appellation ‘Kingdom’ (idea from Caroline Casey). We are members of the Animal Kindom, and like our cousins in the Fungal Kindom, we are entirely reliant on the Plant Kindom for their ability to capture energy from sunlight, and store it in carbohydrates that we can metabolize using the oxygen that the Plant Kindom produces. Plants make other complex life on Earth possible – they are the energetic wellspring of agaya.

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