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Uplifting Each Other

The intention of the Novasutras Movement is to nurture and uplift one other during these challenging times, as we work to create a world that works for all people and all species of life on Earth. As our Movement emerges, we need a few people to come forward and help make this collaborative vision a reality.

Eager to be involved? The Novasutras Uplifters get notices of key opportunities to aid in growing our movement.

Purple-throated carib feeding at a flower, sharpphotography, CC BY 3.0
We know that ubuntu in living systems grows from generous reciprocity, as organisms aid one another in meeting their goals.
What does it take to be a Novasutras Uplifter right now? 

Organizations, like organisms, have different needs at different stages of their growth. Right now, we are just beginning to grow internationally, and have established our first local chapter. In order to get securely rooted so we can begin to really thrive, we need teams of people who can help us reach more people, through social media, outreach, writing, audio/video work, local organizing, fundraising and creative arts. 

We need people ready to join :

  • Social media teams — people who know how to use FacebookTwitterInstagramReddit and other platforms to reach new audiences and keep them engaged, plus people who are eager to learn and develop those skills.
  • Outreach teams — people who can help us find and get invited to speak on podcasts, TV and radio shows, to present at conferences, to get us interviews with media, or get us invited to write guest blog posts and articles. 
  • Writing teams — people who can write blog posts and shorter posts to be shared via different social media outlets or in our Newsletters. Posts can be Novasutras’ perspectives on current events, reviews of inspirational and informative books, or thought pieces on Novasutras principles. Creative writers may also wish to venture into writing song lyrics or stories focusing on agaya and ubuntu.
  • Audio/Video teams — people who could help us record and edit informational videos and meditations.
  • Local chapter or event organizing teams — people who want to gather locals for Novasutras celebrations, meditations, or learning events. 
  • Fundraising teams — people who have a knack for getting donations from others (one-time or ongoing) to financially support our ongoing work and growth. As we start to bring in sufficient funds, we will need people to help us get established as a formal non-profit.

We are also welcoming contributions from visual artists — people who already have or want to create images that could be used alongside our blog posts and social media, or on Novasutras merchandise. We welcome the work of musicians and poets who can write or re-word and record songs to inspire agaya and ubuntu according to Novasutras principles.

“Bees!” by Todd Huffman

Ubuntu in living systems grows from generous reciprocity, as organisms aid one another in meeting their goals. Most often, this is of a ‘pay-it-forward’ nature. Plants generously produce nectar in the hope that their flowers will attract pollinators who can help the plant to reproduce – there is no guarantee that any pollinator will oblige this after visiting, so there must be an element of trust. Similarly, the Novasutras movement was seeded with much effort, in the hope that it will attract cooperators who will help it grow and flourish.

If you want to be such a cooperator, here are some additional ways you can help us meet our goals:

share widely – create – celebrate – share space – donate stuff – contribute funds – buy merch

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