Tropical Rainforest photo by Crystal Mirallegro via Unsplash
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Forest Reconnection: Ecospiritual news this week

Our sixth ecospiritual news livestream focused on reconnecting with forests. Novasutras’ actions, meditations, and celebrations express reverence toward all life on Earth. Our Shinrin-Yoku (forest immersion) practice improves our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, helping us to be more effective agents for positive change and Earth care. We protect vital tropical rainforest, resist fossil fuel expansion, and encourage economic justice in health care, to reduce suffering and to grow agaya and ubuntu around the world.

Recording of the Agaya & Ubuntu Connection Episode Livestreamed on September 13th, 2023

This livestream focused on reconnecting with the forest for a more resilient body, mind, and spirit. We encourage practices that can strengthen our activism and spiritual growth. These wellness practices become ever more important, so we remain effective agents for positive change as we experience the disruptions brought on by global injustice and climate change.

Links for this session:

Sacred Activism: suggested actions from this session

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