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Reflections on the June Solstice

Thanks and blessings to everyone in the emerging Novasutras community for sharing agaya and ubuntu at the June 2019 Solstice. In the online discussion after our Solstice meditation, we had an engaging conversation about what agaya means to each of us.

The days around each Solstice are important times to pause and reflect. Here are some questions for contemplation as we move into the new season:

  • What are you happy about or proud of from this last orbit around the sun?
  • What is no longer serving you? What do you hope to leave behind in our next orbit?
  • What are you looking forward to in this next trip around the sun?
  • How do you want to feel at this time next year? Envision how your day might be on the June Solstice in 2020.
  • What could bring you joy between now and then?  
  • How can you help increase agaya and ubuntu for the world between now and then?

There is beauty and power in coming together at such key times of the year. Upcoming celestial events include:

  • Aphelion – July 4th
  • Cross-Quarter – August 7th
  • Equinox – September 23rd 

Check the Novasutras Events page for times, details and suggestions for celebration. Please join us in synchronous meditations and conversations as we grow agaya and ubuntu in the world. Invite your friends to subscribe to the blog and the newsletter. When they do, they will receive reminders to join us in these Novasutras celebrations.

Please support Novasutras as we create a community to nurture and uplift each other during these challenging times. Donate through Patreon by clicking here.

May the blessings of ubuntu and agaya enrich each day, each season, and each year of your life.

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