Around the Sun Again

Novasutras did our first Solstice live video one year ago, and we just completed another December Solstice live video a few hours ago. It has been an eventful year for all of us, to be sure!

Novasutras began as an invitation to co-create the religion the world needs today and for the future.  We have ambitious goals, projects and intentions for bringing more agaya and ubuntu into the world. It will take support and collaboration to keep this vision moving forward. There are lots of ways to help, not the least of which is financial support.

As a special offering of gratitude to our 2018 financial supporters, we want to send you a hand-made postcard with personalized blessings of agaya and ubuntu. Become a Novasutras patron on Patreon before the end of 2018 to enjoy this unique gift.

 Become a Patron!

Together, we can conceive a religion that remains adaptable, deeply democratic and egalitarian, open to both science and mysticism, and so beautifully compelling that it can powerfully transform the way humans live together in our biosphere. Novasutras has its roots in deep ecology, watered by mindfulness traditions, and growing up into the world to nurture everyone, stretching forth branches blossoming with enticing ritual and bearing the fruit of care and kindness for all.

Do you have other ideas or suggestions for us as we make our next orbit of the sun? Please let us know in the comments below, or contact us directly.

Joyous Solstice, Ubuntu and Agaya!

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